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A fine exhibition by Shah Rukh Khan, the motion picture centers around the issue of cerebrum channel and Indians moving to another country for greener fields. The story rotates around the life of a NRI who works for NASA and how his visit to a town transforms himself alongside many different residents. The motion picture motivated a great deal of NRIs to return to the roots and work for the nation for FilmaIndian to watch. The motion picture gives a message that a little assistance from the blessed and taught ones can help the underprivileged all things considered. 
The motion picture centers around the delicate subject of widow remarriage. Discharged in 1982, the motion picture has Rishi Kapoor (Devdhar) and Padmini Kolhapure (Manorama) as lead performing artists. Devdhar attempts to restore the life of his beloved companion Manorama after she loses her recently marry spouse. At the season of a traditionalist India, when widows were boycotted from the network and were required to spend whatever remains of their lives in hopelessness, the film comes as a much needed refresher and depicts a superior life for a widow.